Web Training at NUIG – final part

Today we took the last course in Web Training at NUIG organised as previously by Staff Training Office and IT Department here at NUIG. This time we managed to create a “final product” sites from the ground and manage further maintenance of them by using well-known RSS Feeds. We also tied our hand on some PHP basics and managed to advance our knowledge to the point that we would be able fully grasp all the possibilities that our local CMS can provide for the Web Editing.


Web Training at NUIG

Today I took the course on Web Training organised by our Staff Training Office and the IT department in order to make NUIG staff aware of the new Content Management System (CMS) on the place. The course was specially designed to teach all the potential web-editors of the departments and centres how to manage our content online by using one system-independent interface.

The course started from introduction on basic usability of the system followed by practical examples of web-page management using the NUIG based CMS. I got some useful tips on some aspects of the system that I was not aware of and in the end got chance to speak with the author of the CMS. I’m very much looking forward to participate in the final course next month. Till then happy web editing!