Braid Poster

Recently I’ve prepared a poster about our favorite object – Braid Nebula and it’s surroundings which was presented at the JENAM 2007 meeting held in Armenia from 20-25 August 2007. The snapshot of the poster can be viewed here and in due course I’ll put the pdf version somewhere around for an easy access. I’m still building my site and very soon I’ll post more on a science side of this contribution, but for now I just want to spread the word on how the poster was composed.

Whole process of preparation was done using Apple Pages in contrary to my previous posters which were made using Microsoft PowerPoint. The Mac software seamed to me much easier to handle and gave me a lot of flexibility in making fields and changing the overall shape. After finishing the work I’ve exported it into PDF of 13MB, but when I’ve created a TIFF version of the very same poster it became 320MB!

OK, I don’t wont to pretend that this was my own genuine idea to use Apple Pages to make a poster. I did some googleing and found a post at the Mac Singularity where the author convinced me pretty well to make a poster the Mac-way and I’m really grateful for that and would not go back again.