MHO Catalogue

Recently I’ve been collaborating with Chris Davis on the catalogue of Molecular Hydrogen Emission-Line Objects (MHOs for short). This project is going forward quite well and recently Chris drafted an article announcing the catalogue which was submitted to A&A. The article is also available from astro-ph.

The catalogue itself has a home page where one could have a look at current numberings of many outflows detected in NIR. There is also a possibility to identify the objects by their pictures. People working in the are of star formation and outflows are encouraged to request the numbers for their new detected objects in NIR. More details can be obtained in the actual MHO home page.

Update December 19th 2009 – The paper has been accepted for the publications by Astronomy & Astrophysics


Elba School participation

Recently I’ve participated in the Summer School “2nd European School on Jets from Young Stars: High Angular Resolution Observations” held in beautiful island of Elba (Italy) from 3rd till 10th of September. The lectures were very useful and enlightening especially lecture by Patrick Hartigan on “Line Diagnostics (Imaging and Spectral): Deriving Information on the Gas Physics and Kinematics” and many others which I’ll mention in my subsequent retrospective posts about the School (If I manage to do that).

Overall the School was organised nice and I enjoyed my stay in that resort destination. There was one minor inconvenience – limited Internet access, which was probably good idea after all to stimulate thinking and scientific networking among the people working on Jet studies.