My Name (republished)

If you are interested to know what does my name mean then here we go:

TIGRAN: ‘Shooting an arrow’; name of two Ashkenian kings of Armenia
Source: Zoroastrian Names

Historically it was the name of two Armenian kings from which the one was “Tigran the Great”:

TIGRAN THE GREAT. In 95 BC, Tigran II (140-55 BC), also known as Tigran(es) the Great, ascended to the throne of Armenia and ruled till 55BC.

Tigranes also spelled TIGRAN, OR DIKRAN, king of Armenia from 95 to 55 BC, under whom the country became for a short time the strongest state in the Roman East.

Tigranes was the son or brother of Artavasdes I and a member of the dynasty founded in the early 2nd century by Artaxias. He was given as a hostage to the Parthian king Mithradates II, but later he purchased his freedom by ceding 70 valleys bordering on Media, in northwestern Iran. Continue reading My Name (republished)