ASGI meeting in Cork

Recently (2-3 October 2008) I’ve participated in the ASGI meeting held in beautiful city of Cork (Ireland). The meeting took place in UCC (University College Cork) where astronomers and alike gathered from around the Ireland to present their recent work and talk about the future developments still to come.

I’ve also presented a talk entitled “Dissection of a Cold, Infalling High-Mass Star-Forming Core” which was about the work that we are doing here in Galway with Matt Redman and Patrick Carolan. My intention was to present our work on JCMT 18354-0649S massive core from observational and modelling prospective. Continue reading ASGI meeting in Cork



I’ve been trying to make presentable cubes for our observations of Wu Core done at JCMT with ACSIS. So far I’ve managed to produce nice, smooth cubes of data from HCN (3-2), HCO+(3-2) and C17O data (all the current dataset).

Please note that these steps are presented for an example and need not to be fully followed. Almost all of the parameters in each step are quite subjective and are done to satisfy my taste.

There is more extensive document located here: 

Here is the sequence to produce the final cubes using STARLINK packages SMURF, KAPPA: Continue reading JCMT ACSIS Data

VLTI School Notes (republished)

After major reorganisation of my home page I managed to delete many unwanted posts but there are the ones which might prove to be useful not only for me but for some others.

With this post I republish my notes from the “Observation and Data Reduction with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer” held in Goutelas Castle, France in 4th of June 2006. I’ve participated on that school with a great pleasure (not only for French wine and cheese).


I’m already at the VLTI School as it was planned, and everything seams to be quite smooth. The organising of the School is quite nice and I do get that feeling of being a student, learning from scratch. Yesterday we traveled quite a long distance and finally in the evening reached to Goutelas. Place is pleasant with a nice nature view.

Lectures during this morning were especially interesting and I learned quite a bit of theory behind the Interferometric concepts. I started to realise that all that experiments back in University Physics lab where actually on purpose and today I could rise my hand and say I also did that experiment during my studies. Continue reading VLTI School Notes (republished)