Management Course – part2

Today in the afternoon I took the second part of the management course entitled “Personal Organisation” which was again organised by our very helpful Staff Training Office. This course was quite to the point for me since I’m trying to push forward several project and sometimes I don’t understand where the time is going and yet the projects are barely progressing. The aim of this course was highlighted by our Facilitator Dr. Lousie Baron as:

Being organised gives you time to think. Having time to think boosts creativity and effectiveness. Being organised gives you time to live. Successful researchers and professionals understand the importance of gaining control over their working lives. This short course will be appreciated by anyone who needs more time to do what is important to them.

By the end of the day we now feel like really getting ourselves organised. One interesting thing for me was the realisation of how many people do suffer from the same problems. Everybody who attended the course confessed that the time waste is a big problem for them … interesting …


Management Course – part1

Today I took a course “Managing and Producing Your Thesis and Reports” organised by our Staff Training Office which was aimed at Academic and Research Staff of the NUIG. Course main objectives were:

Report Writing is one of the most important skills professionals need to master. Unclear writing and the inability to be brief are major complaints among academic institutions and employers as is the problem of working to deadlines. This workshop has a unique approach to the task of thesis and report production. Faithful to modern business practice and theory, the task is treated as a process. This means it’s properly managed, completed on time and to the best possible standards.

It was quite rewarding to listen the main lecture and then to participate in actual management of an example report/thesis planning. We were split into groups and each of us were supposed to present the skeleton of the project and highlight the necessary steps to complete it by using Gantt diagrams.

Web Training at NUIG – final part

Today we took the last course in Web Training at NUIG organised as previously by Staff Training Office and IT Department here at NUIG. This time we managed to create a “final product” sites from the ground and manage further maintenance of them by using well-known RSS Feeds. We also tied our hand on some PHP basics and managed to advance our knowledge to the point that we would be able fully grasp all the possibilities that our local CMS can provide for the Web Editing.

Two Meetings in Galway

January 2008 is going to be quite exciting in Galway since there are two quite relevant meetings happening here.

High Temperature Astrochemistry

A meeting of the Astrophysical Chemistry Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Royal Astronomical Society will be hosted by the Centre for Astronomy, National University of Ireland Galway, Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th January, 2008 Further information is available from the meeting website at:

The 5th JETSET school on ‘High performance computing in Astrophysics

The School will address the methods used to simulate astrophysical jets and to derive useful information from large datasets, focusing on techniques involving high performance computing.
Further information is available from the school website at:

I’m going to participate in both of them since they address some of the issues of my current project here in Galway. The other important aspect of these meeting is that they both are going to be hosted by Centre for Astronomy at NUIG!

Web Training at NUIG

Today I took the course on Web Training organised by our Staff Training Office and the IT department in order to make NUIG staff aware of the new Content Management System (CMS) on the place. The course was specially designed to teach all the potential web-editors of the departments and centres how to manage our content online by using one system-independent interface.

The course started from introduction on basic usability of the system followed by practical examples of web-page management using the NUIG based CMS. I got some useful tips on some aspects of the system that I was not aware of and in the end got chance to speak with the author of the CMS. I’m very much looking forward to participate in the final course next month. Till then happy web editing!

Elba School participation

Recently I’ve participated in the Summer School “2nd European School on Jets from Young Stars: High Angular Resolution Observations” held in beautiful island of Elba (Italy) from 3rd till 10th of September. The lectures were very useful and enlightening especially lecture by Patrick Hartigan on “Line Diagnostics (Imaging and Spectral): Deriving Information on the Gas Physics and Kinematics” and many others which I’ll mention in my subsequent retrospective posts about the School (If I manage to do that).

Overall the School was organised nice and I enjoyed my stay in that resort destination. There was one minor inconvenience – limited Internet access, which was probably good idea after all to stimulate thinking and scientific networking among the people working on Jet studies.

VLTI School Notes (republished)

After major reorganisation of my home page I managed to delete many unwanted posts but there are the ones which might prove to be useful not only for me but for some others.

With this post I republish my notes from the “Observation and Data Reduction with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer” held in Goutelas Castle, France in 4th of June 2006. I’ve participated on that school with a great pleasure (not only for French wine and cheese).


I’m already at the VLTI School as it was planned, and everything seams to be quite smooth. The organising of the School is quite nice and I do get that feeling of being a student, learning from scratch. Yesterday we traveled quite a long distance and finally in the evening reached to Goutelas. Place is pleasant with a nice nature view.

Lectures during this morning were especially interesting and I learned quite a bit of theory behind the Interferometric concepts. I started to realise that all that experiments back in University Physics lab where actually on purpose and today I could rise my hand and say I also did that experiment during my studies. Continue reading VLTI School Notes (republished)