Journal Club Meetings

Recently I’ve been given the responsibility to run regular Journal Club Meetings at the Centre for Astronomy of NUIG. After trying to pull together the list of potential candidates I’ve finally organised them together and today we had our “opening” meeting. 

The idea behind the Journal Club is following: We have 2 speakers who present recently published papers of their choice. The papers should not be related to them but could be related to their research. Every speaker gets 20 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes afterwards for the questions. 

We got 2 speakers one was Gregg Hallinan and the other was me. The audience was full and everybody seamed quite interested in the presented topics. Hope that next Thursday the turnout would be as good as this one.


ASGI meeting in Cork

Recently (2-3 October 2008) I’ve participated in the ASGI meeting held in beautiful city of Cork (Ireland). The meeting took place in UCC (University College Cork) where astronomers and alike gathered from around the Ireland to present their recent work and talk about the future developments still to come.

I’ve also presented a talk entitled “Dissection of a Cold, Infalling High-Mass Star-Forming Core” which was about the work that we are doing here in Galway with Matt Redman and Patrick Carolan. My intention was to present our work on JCMT 18354-0649S massive core from observational and modelling prospective. Continue reading ASGI meeting in Cork

Two Meetings in Galway

January 2008 is going to be quite exciting in Galway since there are two quite relevant meetings happening here.

High Temperature Astrochemistry

A meeting of the Astrophysical Chemistry Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Royal Astronomical Society will be hosted by the Centre for Astronomy, National University of Ireland Galway, Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th January, 2008 Further information is available from the meeting website at:

The 5th JETSET school on ‘High performance computing in Astrophysics

The School will address the methods used to simulate astrophysical jets and to derive useful information from large datasets, focusing on techniques involving high performance computing.
Further information is available from the school website at:

I’m going to participate in both of them since they address some of the issues of my current project here in Galway. The other important aspect of these meeting is that they both are going to be hosted by Centre for Astronomy at NUIG!

Elba School participation

Recently I’ve participated in the Summer School “2nd European School on Jets from Young Stars: High Angular Resolution Observations” held in beautiful island of Elba (Italy) from 3rd till 10th of September. The lectures were very useful and enlightening especially lecture by Patrick Hartigan on “Line Diagnostics (Imaging and Spectral): Deriving Information on the Gas Physics and Kinematics” and many others which I’ll mention in my subsequent retrospective posts about the School (If I manage to do that).

Overall the School was organised nice and I enjoyed my stay in that resort destination. There was one minor inconvenience – limited Internet access, which was probably good idea after all to stimulate thinking and scientific networking among the people working on Jet studies.