Update on recently accepted or published works

Here is the list of recent changes in the publications where I’m Co-Author:

Paper on “Supersonic turbulence in the cold massive core JCMT 18354-0649S” by Carolan, myself and others got it’s permanent bibcode 2009MNRAS.400…78C.

Paper on “Search for HH-objects and emission stars in star formation regions. VI. Herbig-Haro objects and emission stars in the region of the GM 1-64 and GM 2-4 nebulae” got translated from Russian into English and got it’s permanent bibcode as well – 2009Ap…..52..501N.

Paper entitled “A general catalogue of molecular hydrogen emission-line objects (MHOs) in outflows from young stars” by Chris Davis et al. where I’m also contributing got accepted by Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Paper in preparation on “Looking into the Hearts of Bok Globules: MM and Submm Continuum Images of Isolated Star-Forming Cores” by Ralf Launhardt and others where I’m contributing got a very positive referee report.


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