ASGI meeting in Cork

Recently (2-3 October 2008) I’ve participated in the ASGI meeting held in beautiful city of Cork (Ireland). The meeting took place in UCC (University College Cork) where astronomers and alike gathered from around the Ireland to present their recent work and talk about the future developments still to come.

I’ve also presented a talk entitled “Dissection of a Cold, Infalling High-Mass Star-Forming Core” which was about the work that we are doing here in Galway with Matt Redman and Patrick Carolan. My intention was to present our work on JCMT 18354-0649S massive core from observational and modelling prospective.

First I introduced the audience into topic of Star-Formation and High-Mass end of it in particular since not everyone present were aware of basic principles known in the community. Then I outlines the observations where I presented an example of what kind of data-sets are we dealing with and what can be learned from them. All these was followed by introduction of the object in interest (JCMT 18354-0649S) and why we are interested in it. 

I highlighted the need to use a multi-waveband data to understand the  structure, dynamics and the chemistry of the object. 

I described our 3D Non-LTE Radiative Transfer Model and showed the schematics on the basic use of it to model a data similar to our data-sets. This was followed by presentation of best model fit to our observations in different transition of molecules like (12CO, C17O, C18O, HCN, HCO+, H13CO+ and etc. ). In the end I highlighted the final results for the fit as following:

  • We have quite good fit on temperature (20K), infall velocity, turbulent width and the density
  • We have a rotation of the cloud about 1km/s
  • We have an outflow and we know the direction (matching the structure detected in SPITZER), velocity and all the essential parameters

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