NIR Spectroscopy Paper

We have submitted a paper entitled “NEAR-IR SPECTROSCOPY OF YOUNG STARS IN THE BRAID NEBULA STAR FORMATION REGION IN CYGNUS OB7” by Aspin et al. to Astrophysical Journal. This is part of a big project on Braid Nebula Star-Formation Region that I’m actively participating. Here is the abstract of the paper:

We present 1.4 to 2.5 µm integral field spectroscopy of 16 stars in the Braid Nebula star formation region in Cygnus OB7. These data forms one aspect of a large-scale multi-wavelength survey aimed at determining an unbiased estimate of the number, mass distribution, and evolutionary state of the young stars within this one square degree area of the previously poorly studied Lynds 1003 molecular cloud. Our new spectroscopic data, when combined with 2MASS near-IR photometry, provide evidence of membership of many of these objects in the regions pre-main sequence population. We discuss both the characteristics of the young stars found in the region and the level of star forming activity present.

Now we wait for the referee’s response, and for the papers in the same series by other participants of the collaboration (myself inclusive).


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